Souper Stella Scribbles

This comic’s quite a bit older. I drew it sometime during the last school year when I was taking a break on homework. Good ol’ lettin’ the feelings out.

Gotta love them thunderstorms in the middle of the night…


Ah yes, unnamed Midwest conventions.


I’m gonna start posting the journal comics that I’m doing for class! Nothin’ really polished, just small rough daily things, but heck, it’s something! Here’s the one from August 7th, 2014.

Here’s a comic I had to do for my Visual Storytelling II class. One of our in-class exercises was to come up with a 9 panel story of how we got to class that day. All of the panels were drawn on flashcards.

I wish I could’ve pushed the acting a bit more, but overall I don’t think it came out too badly for a rushed job.

Some doodles from my sketchbook! Mostly drawn in class and whatnot.

First image is of two characters that I’m working on developing. Second is everyone’s favorite Bat Commander. Third is some Starbucks-drinking hipster fellow. Fourth is Buttermon, my old made-up Digimon (minus her wings). Fifth is Ned, Olive, and Chuck from Pushing Daisies. Finally, there’s some sort of faun/satyr character. I was just messing around with whatever came to mind really.


Warm up doodles for the day! Two cool peeps as Animal Crossing characters!

I’m experimenting with coloring in CMYK channels with color holds on the linework. Eh, I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually! Gotta start somewhere!

Woooo! I finally finished this thing! I started this as a doodle when the first preview of the Christmas special hit the net during my finals week. It was a fun little drawing! Now that I have some time at home I actually got around to finishing and coloring it!

You guys can’t honestly tell me that I’m the only one that thought something like this when Jimmy’s Christmas outfit was revealed… I mean, come on! His anti-negativity helmet is the sleekest looking Santa beard I’ve ever seen! That’s probably why they didn’t give him a hat!

Another class assignment! This one was called “The Odd Couple”. We had to come up with two people coexisting with each other and some sort of conflict or problem. We also had to make the comic completely silent, spare for one word of our choosing. I decided to go with my old roommate and dear friend, Kaitlin and me (on what would probably in all reality be an average night) in our dorm.

Kaitlin’s a goofball and loves to dress up! She does wicked skull makeup and enjoys getting covered in the good ol’ fake blood (which we had more than enough of due to an interesting event that I won’t go into). Pretty much it’s about her flopping on the couch, covering it in fake blood, then us freaking out because we realized that the school-owned couch got stained… Thankfully it’s not based on a true story!

I tried to experiment with my style a bit on this one. It was really fun to let loose! Definitely had a good time drawing it. Having it be about a friend helped with that as well!

Maybe I’ll color this at some point! Who knows!

Here’s part of my final for concept art class! We had to put a good amount of the work we did over the quarter into a presentation as a sort of pitch to the class for our characters and story. I sure learned a lot last quarter! It was really fun!

This is Allison, a character in a webcomic/story that I hope to make in the future! Luckily I had the freedom in the class to do whatever I wanted story-wise, so I chose to develop my characters a bit! While she’s still in the very early stages of development, at least it’s a start!